Our network recognizes the importance and power of international collaboration to foster research success and discovery. We have therefore established The Bonn – Melbourne Research Network to enable cross-fertilization of ideas and transfer of knowledge, to combine expertise across the globe and importantly, to provide a unique infrastructure and access to cutting edge technology beyond the conventional research environment.

Our network comprises a multi-layered cooperation landscape of different research & teaching programs with access for research students, as well as academic staff members of different career levels and different research disciplines. Each program facilitates the required logistical and financial support and fosters establishment of new research collaborations at all times.

More information on individual exchange programs can be found below. You may also contact us for questions or support.


Bonn & Melbourne Research and Graduate School

Target audience: PhD students

Research area: Immunology

Duration: 3 years

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Bonn & Melbourne Academy for Excellence in Immunosciences/ Infection (this funding ended in July 2023)

Target audience: PostDocs, Professors

Research area: Immunology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases, Neurosciences, Virology, Clinical Studies, and Translational Research

Duration: 2 weeks - 3 months

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